Turtles Need Home

Hello, this is Vincent, I’m sending this because of a problem I have. You see, I have a pair of mature, 8-9-year-old, red-eared slider turtles (presumably male, but still unsure). As you can expect, older turtles tend to give in to their territorial nature, and my turtles have begun to fight. I would normally just buy a new tank and all the new setups to accommodate the second turtle, but our place is pretty small as it is, so we can’t set up a second tank. On top of that, our electricity bill would rocket more than it already does, and our plans are to move in the coming months anyway. The point is, I sadly cannot accommodate these turtles anymore, I’ve had them for so long, but it might be time to finally say goodbye. I was hoping someone around there would be interested in taking them off my hands. I would even include all the stuff I used for them, including the tank, basking pads, iodine for shell rot, heat lamp, extra bulbs, rocks (though used), net, filter tube, filter with filter pads, food, sludge destroyer, turtle fix fluid, etc. Though, I would be comfortable if the person who does take them also be able to purchase another tank with supplies to accommodate the second turtle if they choose to take them. The pictures included are of the lil guys, Domino is the one in the blue tub and Cheeto is the one on the basking pad.

If you can just look around and tell me someone who would want them, please give them my email, and phone number (626-861-2215), so I could discuss details with them.

I’m from Alhambra by the way. Thank you for reading, and thank you for hopefully helping out with my situation.

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