Hospital Hours and Covid-19 Update

Hours Increased, Weekdays Only


Dear friends.

With our distancing/safety procedures in place we are feeling confident enough to boost our business hours back up a little bit: starting Monday we will be open from 8 a.m. until 6 p.m.

We do remain closed on Saturdays for the time being.

At the outset of the pandemic we also restricted our services to sick and injured pets only, on Monday we’ll also begin to be able to see pets for many healthy pet needs again.

Thank you for bearing with us through this, and thank you for making our car-side appointment system work so well.

To your pet’s health, and yours as well,

Doctors Crittenden, Chen, Gih, Lucko, Nguyen and team

Hours Reduced, Weekdays Only


Dear friends:

As a veterinary hospital, we are considered an essential service provider, so we are able to remain open as California’s stay-at-home quarantine order goes into effect.

While open, we remain deeply committed to the safety of our clients and team as we take care of the health needs of our clients’ pets. Toward that end, we are further reducing our hours to:

Monday through Friday – 8 a.m. until 4 p.m.

Saturdays and Sundays – Closed

Continuing the practices we’ve started, We are only seeing sick pets, no healthy pet checkups and vaccines.

All appointments are car-side, our technicians will bring your pet into the hospital as you wait in your car. (For details see our earlier e-mails or our Facebook page, we don’t want to burden you with a repeated long e-mail here!)

Thank you for your understanding.

To your pet’s good health, and yours as well,

Doctors Crittenden, Chen, Gih, Lucko, Nguyen and team

Car-Side Appointments Only


In the days ahead we are going to further our precautions against covid-19.

During this period we will only see sick or injured pets and we have closed our waiting room.

As our waiting room is closed, all appointments will be car-side, a procedure we implemented late last week. The car-side appointment procedure is detailed below.

The appointment will go as follows: Call the hospital upon arrival. We’ll send a technician out to get your pet’s history and medical complaint (dogs will need to be on your sturdy leashes, cats and smaller animals in your secure carriers). After documenting your pet’s history the technician will bring your pet in the hospital and receive a full physical by one of our veterinarians. After the physical exam is completed by the doctor you will receive a call from them with their physical findings and their recommendations. Following that, a technician will present a treatment plan of the doctors recommendations for you to sign. Depending on the treatments needed, you will either leave pet with us, receiving a pick up time from the technician or wait for treatment to be completed. When treatment is complete, you will receive a call from our reception team and the invoice can be paid by credit card (on the phone) or cash, and lastly team member will bring your pet and any appropriate medication out to you.

Covid-19 , Pet Food Supply and a Word of Thanks


Dear friends:

We are seeing a rush on pet food at the hospital, including prescription diets.

If you have a pet food need and we don’t have your food in stock at the hospital you may wish to try our online store:

Thanks to those of you who have brought your pets in today and made car-side appointments for your pets. They’ve gone very smoothly and have nicely helped us implement social distancing in our waiting room.

To your pet’s good health,

Doctors Crittenden, Chen, Gih, Lucko, Nguyen and team

Thanks a lot,



Dear friends:

For the next fifteen days, we are taking steps to implement social distancing; it is our urgent desire to protect both our clients and our staff. These changes will begin tomorrow.
  • Weekday hours will be 8 a.m. until 6 p.m. Saturdays remain unchanged, 9 a.m. until 5 p.m.
  • We will not book annual exams, annual vaccines, grooming and spay or neuter surgeries during this period. We want to limit contact at the hospital only to clients with pets that have immediate medical needs. If you want to schedule an appointment and are not sure about the urgency of your pet’s need, please call and our doctors will advise an immediate or later booking.
  • Occupancy in our waiting room should not exceed ten persons. If you arrive and put the room over that limit, please wait in your car; we’ll call you in as soon as an exam room opens up or the waiting room loses some people.
  • Please practice social distancing while in the waiting room.
  • Please consider taking advantage of car-side appointments during this time. Those are explained in detail in the post immediately preceding this one.
Thank you for your understanding through this. We are doing our best to take care of our patients while keeping our clients and staff safe while at the same time being good citizens for our community and nation.
To your pet’s good health, and yours as well,
Doctors Crittenden, Chen, Gih, Lucko, Nguyen and team
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