Dogs visit their veterinarian about 60% more frequently than cats do

meghanAccording to the American Veterinary Medical Association, dogs visit their veterinarian about 60% more frequently than cats do. Reasons for this gap include the fact that cats are able to mask their illnesses (so a condition may remain invisible to the cat’s owner until she’s really sick) and that cats can be more difficult to transport than dogs.

If you have a cat that has never been here or hasn’t been here for over a year, we’d like to help you with the transportation part of the dilemma by providing you with a free cat carrier. Just come by, pick up a carrier and set an appointment for the days ahead for your sick cat, your cat that perhaps should have a well cat checkup or even a free nail trim.

That’s right, we said a free nail trim*, with no further obligation. We’re offering this to cats we’ve never seen, or who we haven’t seen in a long time, because we’d like to get those cats – and their owners – established in a wellness habit and a comfort level in coming to the vet, and we’re happy to start that with something as simple as a free nail trim.

*Some cats dislike having their nails trimmed, even to the point of needing to be sedated. The free portion of this offer only extends to the nail trim itself. If your cat falls into this category we will of course tell you before proceeding. Sedation would be charged at the normal rate in that instance.

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