If you would like your pet featured on our Pet of the Day page, please send his/her photo to us at templecityanimalhospital@gmail.com and we’ll publish his/her picture as soon as we can.



Right-sized doggie.



Happy St. Patrick’s Day from Zuma.



Milly and Arthur



Kit Kat beds down for a long, hard winter.



Maui the Bearded Dragon



Happy Thanksgiving from Zuma!



Belated Happy Halloween from Zuma!



Dylen and Jojo, both stylin’ in laser therapy glasses.



Kaiser is a Bengal Cat.



Happy Halloween from Peanut!



It’s time for Halloween! Send your pet’s current Halloween picture to us at templecityanimalhospital@gmail.com and we’ll publish to Facebook and Instagram. The pet with the most likes will win a prize for his/her owner. Prize announced November 2. Let’s see those pictures!



It’s time for Halloween!



Queenie Frenchie



Isabella and Kitten



Schnitz, the Minature Schnauzer



Pixley and Tipton.



Violet (left) and the well-named Baby Shark.



Kelly (blue mask) and Ellie (black mask).



Bath time for Bailey



Nancy and Wall-E.



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Dr. Gih and Butters

Butters has a creamy complexion.



Charlie and Lilo



Hello from Isla


Kittens need a home; call Julio, 626-475-2007.


Kathryn, Dr. Nguyen and Mocha’s eight German Shorthaired Pointer pups.



Meghan and Junior



Dumpling is not interested in social distancing.






Teddy and Andy






Peter. Rabbit.



Miso is not really all in with this face mask thing.



Lillith is a Xoloitzcuintli



Our new friends, Angel and Banilla.




Won’t these humans ever go to work? I want my house back!




Speck is into this cuddling thing. Kit Kat, not so much.




Jet and Jojo, doing their best to hold still for the camera.




Happy Valentine’s Day from Zuma.




Kit Kat, one of our patients, was treated for hyperthyroidism at Advanced Veterinary Medical Imaging.
Staff there took this neat picture.




Violet, the Not-So-Jolly Old Elf.




Lucy, five years and sixty pounds later.




Lucy, the Sulcata Tortoise



Halloween Photo Contest Winner

Hot dog Benji won our Halloween contest and takes home a gift certificate to The Dive Steam Kettle Cooking. Runners up were Chibi the Shark and Mintie the Lion Queen. Thanks to all our players, whose pictures can been seen on our Facebook and Instgram pages!



Show Kona some love!



Playtime for Snow

Playtime for Snow



Aries. Kiss coming?



In for their first vaccines, with Melissa and Dr. Nguyen



Lucky and Elizabeth.



Jameson and Violet. Kissing is not happening today.



Oliver is a long-haired Dalmatian puppy



Nancy and Udon. He’s a real noodle!



Wesley and Jaxx



Meghan and Toby



February 22 and Molly is already set to go for Cinco de Mayo.



Meghan and Coco.



This is Juice.



Claudia and Dr. Bombay



Ghost and Chelsea



Iris and Dr. Nguyen



Merry Christmas

Thanks to our friends who have shared their Christmas wishes and pictures with us!



Out and About

Our friends Bob and Margie have just returned from San Rafael, CA where they saw Kenobi, a Guide Dog for the Blind puppy that they had raised, handed off to his new blind owner in a graduation ceremony at the Guide Dogs for the Blind campus. They’ll begin a one-year training and socialization program with a new puppy in January.

In the mean time, here they are with Fanfare, who they “dogsat” for a weekend while her training family took the some time off.



Richie got a bath!



Mischa with us for a cold laser therapy treatment. Both Misha and Dad are wearing laser-protective glasses.



Koa and Kala enjoying a hug from Nancy.




Lucy is a four-year-old sulcata tortoise who came in to get microchipped.



Honey Bear is big enough to be a bear! (Pictured with Jeanette)



Doug pays a visit.



Happy Independence Day from Zuma and family.



Charlie, in for a visit, greets Nancy.



Rascal is a friend of ours.



Easter greetings from Zuma and Temple City Animal Hospital.



Happy St. Patrick’s Day from Zuma



Emma Lucille pays a visit.




Nancy helps Louie with his first vaccines and a nail trim.




Paws and Bianca are the first to use our new Exam Room 5!
We also have a beautiful new restroom right by the fireplace end of the lobby.




Happy Belated Valentine’s Day from Zuma and Temple City Animal Hospital.




Lucy and Dad here for a visit.




Jeanette helps Eevee model her Lion King e-collar.




Jackson is boarding with us over the holidays.




Jax and Meghan.




Happy Holidays from Bella and Family




Merry Christmas from Max




That’s Lucy!




Lexi is getting cold laser therapy treatment for arthritis symptoms.