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Laser Therapy

Lacy gets a cold laser treatment. Find out why we offer laser therapy here:

Microchip Your Pet

We think our microchip is the best medically — small, not made of glass — and financially — no annual fee — available.

Apoquel Allergy Medication

A number of our owners are telling us that their dogs are encountering an unusually late allergy season this year. If your dog is suffering through excessive itching licking, and scratching it can be a sign of an allergic condition that’s controllable. Visit us to learn more about Apoquel, a groundbreaking tablet that stops allergic […]

Animal Pain Awareness Month

September is Animal Pain Awareness Month (per the International Veterinary Academy of Pain Management). Their flyer shown below is a good tool that highlights pain markers that you can watch for in your pet. If your pet is displaying any of the symptoms described, please consider bringing her in for an exam. After your pet’s […]

Therapy Dog Information Session

Dear Friends, This Sunday, September 11, at 2 p.m. Karen Saunders from Therapy Dogs International ( will return to Temple City Animal Hospital to make a presentation to any of our friends who might wish to consider certifying their dog as a therapy dog. Therapy dogs visit care facilities including hospitals, special needs children’s camps […]


Implanting a tiny identifying chip under the skin of your pet has taken a big leap forward as the Microfindr chip (the one we now use at Temple City Animal Hospital) does not require an annual renewal fee to stay active. So no annual fee and no needing to remember to renew and your pet […]

Congratulations, Melanie!

Our technicians play a big role supporting our doctors during dental month (February) when we do so many dental cleanings. Part of what they do during the procedure is take X-Rays of the pet’s teeth. Speed and accuracy are of great importance here to ensure that time under anesthesia is minimized and extra shots aren’t […]

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